20 Best 123series Alternatives To Watch Movies Online in 2023

On 123series, you can watch films and TV series from all over the world without any payment. But many countries stopped the 123series site, and it was believed to be shut down because it distributed copyrighted content on its platform. 

What is 123series?

123series was one of the most widely used movie streaming services for watching films online. However, it has been prohibited in many regions and is no longer effective. Some minor websites are still alive, but they are difficult to get and don’t offer the exact service previously offered.

Is 123series Down or Still Working in 2023?  

Unfortunately, the 123series website seems not to be active anymore after facing legal problems and copyright violations. It seems like the authorities took it down because it featured pirated content.

Best Alternatives to 123series – 100% Working {2023 Updated}

1. Afdah


Afdah is a website that streams content online for free. The Afdah’s movie entertainment site has a large collection of HD movies and TV shows with all of their seasons and episodes. The website is well known for its smooth functionality and varied collection of content. 

The site is accessible on your mobile and laptop, so if you are looking for a 123series alternative, then Afdah can be the site you can prefer.

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2. Fztvseries


Fztvseries is a user-friendly entertainment site that provides access to high-quality online video content (such as TV shows, videos, movies, and streaming) in various file formats. Recent releases, previous episodes, popular trends, best-of miniseries, streaming options, and more options are available. 

Users can save and stream hundreds of songs or movies while they are not online. Its intelligent algorithms suggest the proper content based on what users search for or do online.

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3. Zoechip


Users of Zoechip can access all of the information without having to worry about a subscription. Ads are not a distraction for users as they are not frequent on this platform. The output tone is rather basic so that users can have a better experience.

Zoechip also includes a torrent network to avoid users having to wait for new releases before any other platform publishes them.

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4. SockShare


For watching films and TV shows online, many people use the SockShare platform. As there were not many advertisements, the simple, flawless execution and design of SockShare continued to grow in popularity.

Finding the right movie or TV show you want to watch is all you have to do with SockShare. There are no registration requirements or credit card requirements.

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5. Los Movies


Los Movies is one of the most well-known free movie streaming websites available. Although Los Movies is a free streaming website, there are still a lot of additional things you can get from this site. 

Los movies have been around for quite some time, and their popularity has only increased. But compared to the previous Los movie, the new one looks very different. TV series can be watched in various languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and more.

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6. FlixHQ


You can watch new films, web series, popular TV episodes, and more on flixhq. Through this website, you can also take advantage of high-quality downloads and online and offline streaming. 

The biggest feature of this website is that it provides an unlimited, ad-free streaming service with alternatives for watching without signing up or registering. So, you can watch streaming in high definition for free right here.

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7. Tinyzone 


Tinyzone contains every feature you would want from a free streaming service. You can find a variety of content at Tinyzone, along with HD resolution, English and Spanish subtitles, continuous streaming, and many other wonderful features.

All of them are freely accessible without requiring a login or registration. It could be a simple and painless experience streaming content here. Visit the website, search for the movie you want to watch, click the play button, take your time watching the film, and leave anytime you wish.

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8. FzMovies 


FzMovies offers a variety of free films and TV shows. According to the website, it has one of the greatest libraries of films and television shows. It adds hundreds of new titles every day to provide all the newest content.

Similar to other websites that stream movies, FzMovies provides a variety of ways for you to find your favorite titles, including browsing categories. It also includes using the sophisticated search function and adding titles to favorite folders. There is also an advanced recommendation system that makes movie suggestions based on your personal interests.

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9. Einthusan


In Einthusan, Full-length feature films are available on demand in HD resolution. The site claims to be the top site for watching South Asian movies. 

South Asian films in good quality make up the majority of the content on the Einthusan website. Currently, eight South Asian regional films are available on the website. There is no registration needed to watch content on this site.

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10. 0123movies


With 0123movies, users can watch the films and TV episodes of their interest. Compared to other sites, this platform enables its users to access a wide variety of collections and enables users to get their most recent releases in high-quality resolutions as soon as they are available.

It can also allow users to access an ad blocker plugin to easily avoid annoying ads and some malicious websites. 0123movies also offers classification, allowing users to quickly find content from their favorite category.

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11. Swatchseries


For those who wish to watch dubbed films in HD without being bothered by ads, Swatchseries is a good option. It offers a good interface and has an intelligent recommendation system that promotes new films depending on your interests. 

It offers a thorough experience with a sizable movie library and weekly updates with a lot of new releases. Swatchseries has a variety of categories to browse, and each category contains options that you can select with only one click, just like other streaming services. 

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12. Vmovee


If you want to stream films and TV shows for free, then vmovee is one of the best-recommended sites. To guarantee that you enjoy a first-rate viewing experience at Vmovee without spending any money, they provide a sizable movie library, English and Spanish subtitles, smooth streaming, HD resolution, and other amazing features. 

The Vmovee website allows you to watch free films, TV shows, and episodes online without having to download them. As with most of the sites, you don’t have to join up or register to use the Vmovee movies website.

13. Goojara


Goojara is one of the best sites for getting free access to big-screen movies. The best part is that it handles everything without the complexity of making payments or accounts. 

You can see all of the news industry’s films and TV shows with higher quality. It is updated with new releases and episodes, making it an ideal choice for TV and movie marathons.

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14. Movieninja


Movieninja’s high-definition video section is one of the best on the movie streaming platform. The best and most recent films and TV series are available here. Before you begin watching your beloved TV shows or films, you can choose the video formats based on your needs.

This website updates its user base with new content every day. The whole library of all the vintage films can be accessed here. Romance, action, crime, adventure, and more genres are available on the Movieninja website. 

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15. Putlocker


You can stream your favorite films and television shows on Putlocker with its smooth interface. The homepage of the website is attractive, and you can find out everything there, from the newest films to television programs. You can get access to watch the latest top films and television shows. 

The sophisticated features, including simple navigation, many genres, quick loading, and a sizable collection, are available on this site. It features many subcategories for various types of movies, including Adventure, Action, and Animation, as well as Thriller, War, and Sci-Fi.

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16. StreamM4u


You can get fun free streaming with a wide range of possibilities in StreamM4u. You can select from a wide range of providers that supply top-quality content. You can switch with a single click if one link is not working properly. 

You just need to click “play” and watch it all in without having to sign up or create an account. In general, it is a wonderful choice for movie lovers and TV binges because it is up-to-date with new episodes and recent releases.

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17. Soap2Day


You can watch entertaining and captivating comedies and films on the Soap2Day site. There is a possibility that your preferences may change over time, so the website offers you unlimited free entertainment.

As it frequently updates with new releases for you to enjoy, it is a constant favorite website for movie buffs. It enables precise keyword searches for the content you are looking for. Log on and choose from the many options offered by Soap2Day, and you will be able to relax in no time.

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18. YoMovies


If you are looking for HD Hollywood, Bollywood, South Asian, and English series and Shows, you can rely on YoMovies. The movies offered on this site are categorized into different genres, and you can find classic, recent and hit movies.  

You will find some ads, but it is minimal compared to other sites. It has a user-friendly interface and simple navigation of the websites.

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19. Movie25


The new collection of films and other TV shows from various genres can be found on the Movie25 website. The types of genres are divided into various categories, including crime, adventure, science fiction, horror, and history.

To access the website’s contents, there is no requirement for registration or sign-ups. You can watch all of the shows you want to watch online on this site. 

This website provides a brief overview of the TV program or film, its reviews, and the year it was released. The site provides high-definition video quality for watching your preferred movies, TV shows, cartoons, and other media.

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20. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix is a free streaming service that provides streaming content online for people of all tastes. Its library includes a variety of recent and older releases.

Filters like genre, year, and others help users find a specific movie. It also offers an Android app with a better user interface that makes viewing it on smart devices simpler.

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Now you have an extensive list of the best 123series alternatives and a lot of content for you to enjoy. Enjoy free binge-watching of your preferred television series and films. Use VPN and the best antivirus software while using 123series alternative to visiting websites safely.

Our Top 5 Picks For 123series Alternatives

Here’s a summary of the best 123series alternatives:

  • Movie25: The new collection of TV shows and films from different genres can be found on this site.
  • Soap2Day: This site frequently updates with new releases for you to enjoy, so it is a favorite website for movie buffs
  • Putlocker: The sophisticated features, including simple navigation, different types of genres, and quick loading, are available in Putlocker.
  • Swatchseries: This site is a good option for movie fans who would like to watch dubbed films in HD without any ads.
  • Tinyzone: The site offers a variety of features, including HD resolution, English and Spanish subtitles, continuous streaming, and more.

123Series – FAQs

1. What happened to 123series?

123series has been blocked by authorities in many countries as the site has been reported of streaming pirated content.

2. Is 123series legal?

Yes, visiting any 123series version is prohibited. There is pirated content in every 123series version, so it is not legal to visit. 

3. Is 123series safe?

There is always a chance that your device will become infected with malware or viruses if you watch content on this platform. So, using this site for your free streaming is not safe.

4. What is the best VPN to stream on 123series?

As they can unblock almost every of the main TV streaming services, you can use ExpressVPN OR NordVPN.

5. What are the best alternatives to 123series?    

Some of the best alternatives to 123series include Movie25, StreamM4u, Vmovee, Einthusan, and Fztvseries.

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