20 1MoviesHD Alternatives To Watch Movies Online in 2024

With 1MoviesHD, users can watch TV series and films online. It was considered as a great alternative to cable TV as it offered a lot of free content. 

What is 1movieshd?

1movieshd website is a well-known online streaming service that provides a huge selection of TV series, films, and other video entertainment. However, the service has a reputation for being unstable, and various users have complained about buffering, freezing, and other issues.

Is 1movieshd Down or Still Working in 2024?  

Users could view films and TV series for free on 1movieshd. But the website was taken down due to copyright and other problems. If you are searching for alternative movie sites, the top 20 1movieshd alternatives given below will definitely help you:  

Best Alternatives to 1movieshd – 100% Working {2024 Updated}

1. LetMeWatchThis


LetMeWatchThis is an emerging 1movieshd alternative that has a huge collection of movies and TV series that cater to a wider audience. Although it offers links to other websites that contain the films, it does not host any content on its own servers, so there is no copyright problem. 

You can find different sources for each title, with various options for quality, speed, and subtitles. Apart from these options, you can browse the site by popularity, year, and genre of movies and TV series.

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2. HuraWatch 


Hura Watch is an amazing alternative to 1MoviesHD which provides free access to a large library of films and television episodes. Users can quickly search and choose films and TV shows on the platform with its user-friendly layout.

Users can also alter the video quality on HuraWatch to match their internet connection speed, as the site provides a variety of streaming quality options. Users can stream videos for free with ads on HuraWatch’s ad-supported platform.

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3. Myflixer


To stream the most recent films and TV shows without signing up, visit the Myflixer website. Users can watch Hollywood and other films for free and without downloading in HD resolution. This website offers immediate access to full-length blockbuster films for users with active internet connections. 

You can enjoy free Hollywood films from your computers or mobiles. To ensure that audiences always have access to fresh and enjoyable films, the list of recently released films is updated daily. 

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4. Project Free TV 


One of the most well-known websites like 1Movieshd, Project Free TV enables its users to watch TV series and films online. Additionally, you have the choice to download them so you can watch them later.

A well-organized catalog of thousands of films and TV shows was available on Project Free TV. The website offered access to a large number of HD-quality films as well as thousands of international TV series. Users had the option of searching for content using the director, actor, or title criteria. 

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5. Vumoo


In Vumoo, you can find a wide list of children’s films, dramas, and animation films that can be found on the website. It is the best site similar to 1movieshd for watching HD videos and downloading files in high resolution. 

Vumoo contains both domestic and foreign video content, including anime and foreign films from countries like Korea, China, and Japan. It also enables users to easily watch and download online films, sporting events, etc. For those who prefer to watch videos on multiple channels from different nations, Vumoo is the most pleasing choice.

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6. SockShare


SockShare is a well-liked third-party website similar to Yesmovies for the online distribution of films and television shows. There would be only a few ads, which help the user-friendly interface to continue to grow quickly in popularity.

Another advantage of using SockShare is that there is no registration or credit card required. All you need to do is to access the site to find the movie or TV show that you want to watch.

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7. Movie2K


Full-length films can be easily streamed through Movie2K, and it is one of the top 1movieshd alternatives. Its fresh features and possibilities have kept it as one of the top movie websites.

On Movie2K website, you can select and watch a full movie without delay and any obtrusive advertisements. The latest and classic films from around the world are available on Movie2K, where you can watch or download any of them without charge.

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8. BFlix


BFlix is a well-known, totally free video streaming substitute to 1MoviesHD. There are now two BFlix domains where you can watch thousands of films and TV series in HD resolution with various subtitles. 

As the website has access to a large variety of content from multiple genres and countries, you can use it to find your favorite show or movie. You won’t miss any of the newest films or episodes on their platform because the content is updated regularly with quick streaming servers.

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9. Putlocker


Putlocker is a fascinating alternative for 1movieshd. Anyone can use it to find their favorite films and TV shows because of its user-friendly navigation and clear UI. 

No matter the genre, the platform has various titles to suit your various moods. The search box allows you to quickly find any title bytyping its name. With login capabilities, all of the website’s premium features are easily accessible.

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10. Einthusan


If you live in Asia or in any place and would like to watch Tamil, Telugu, or South Asian films, then Einthusan will be the right choice. Online movie streaming is very easy on Einthusan. 

You can watch films online in a variety of languages, including Chinese, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, and Telugu. The content can be filtered based on your preferred language. The site also offers various streaming qualities, which can be used according to your Internet connectivity.

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11. Tvmuse


The Tvmuse is an ideal 1MoviesHD alternative that is completely free to stream content. To watch your preferred films on this site, you don’t need any registration or have to enter your email address. Thousands of highly regarded films and television shows, both new and old ones, are available on this site. 

Using the search feature, you can find films and television programs depending on the genre or title. You can pick a movie at random from the trending, newest, or featured sections.

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12. MoviesJoy


On MoviesJoy, you can watch films and TV series of higher quality with subtitles. The website does not ask for any registration, so you are free to stream any video that you like. 

There are movies in various genres, including sports, action, horror, and thriller, on this website. Every day the movies and TV shows are updated, which makes it easy to be updated on the latest collection of movies and TV shows.

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13. Rainiertamayo


Rainiertamayo’s films and TV episodes are available in their whole and in HD quality, and there is no fee involved. It is one of the prime sites similar to 1Movieshd for watching lot of films and TV shows.

You can watch the latest films and TV episodes on Rainiertamayo with its large database. For a better streaming experience, die-hard movie buffs can find the majority of the newest films on this website for free in full HD.

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14. 0123movies


On the 0123movies, you can find HD films and TV shows for free. This is an excellent option if you are looking for the best movie-watching websites outside 1movieshd. 

The website has a great user interface, so you won’t have any trouble locating a suitable movie. It differs from other websites as it lets users download and watch films, and it doesn’t engage in hacking or spamming activities.

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15. FlixHQ


With a huge collection of recent releases as well as classical favorites, the FlixHQ site has something for everyone. You are also able to make your own profiles to keep track of the shows you enjoy. 

Their website contains only content that has been obtained from reliable sources and is acceptable for usage in many countries. Your movie-watching experience is enhanced by this site as there are so few ads on the FlixHQ site. 

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16. SFlix


SFlix is renowned substitute to 1Movieshd for going overhead to provide you with the newest releases as quickly as possible. Over 10,000 films are available on SFlix, making it a popular destination for movie fans. 

With Sflix Movies, you can download films in various file sizes, including 300MB, 700MB, 1GB, 2GB, and much more. You can download anything from this website for free, and you can also use it to watch free live streaming.

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17. XMovies8


For crazy movie fans who want to stream the newest films every day, XMovies8 is one of the prominent alternatives to 1movieshd. Your streaming experience is improved as compared to 1movieshd, as they provide comparable functionality with a pleasing user interface. 

This website’s ability to switch between light and dark settings at any time is its most fascinating feature. You can also use the advanced search box to quickly find the movie you are looking for.

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18. SolarMovie


You can watch full-length, high-definition movies and TV shows in your browser with the help of SolarMovie. The website offers nearly every kind of film, including horror, action, and science fiction. 

The website’s biggest feature is its best movie collections. Here you can find all the popular and most-watched movies without spending a lot of time or effort searching for them. The SolarMovie website enables you to submit a request if the movie or TV series you are looking for is not found there.

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19. HiMovies 


With more than 10,000 films in its database, HiMovies is another free movie streaming service that is the fantastic alternative to 1movieshd. This website, which was launched only a few years ago, features content from over 30 different countries.  

On HiMovies, there is no reduction in streaming quality. In fact, over time, HiMovies has gained a lot of popularity with its quality and user-friendly interface.

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20. Ifvod


The time when Asia was only recognized for its manga and/or anime has gone. Today, Asia produces a huge number of films and TV shows that are well-known all over the world. Ifvod successfully collects and streams content from Asia to the entire world in HD quality. 

As the content on this website is available in regional Asian languages, it is popular in many regions. It is really convenient to use as it can also be used on mobile devices through an app.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for genuine alternatives to 1movieshd, then these sites given above will be the right choice for you. Even though some sites don’t need VPN, it is better to use VPN while using a movie streaming site.  

Our Top 5 Picks For 1movieshd Alternatives

Here’s a summary of the best 1movieshd alternatives:

HiMovies: HiMovies has more than 10,000 films in its database, and it is a free movie streaming service that is the best alternative to 1movieshd.

Rainiertamayo: In rainiertamayo, films and TV episodes are available with full content and HD quality with no extra fees.  

HuraWatch: HuraWatch is an online streaming service that provides free access to a large library of films and television episodes.

MoviesJoy: On this site, you can watch films and TV series of higher quality with subtitles. 

Myflixer: To ensure that audiences always have access to fresh content, Myflixer frequently updates its content daily. 

1movieshd – FAQs

1. What happened to 1movieshd?

Movie lovers who have a high level of trust and confidence in 1movieshd services find this news to be shocking that 1movieshd is no longer operational. It has been said that 1movieshd had been closed down as a result of copyright problems. 

2. Is 1movieshd legal?

Online streaming of any copyrighted material without the proper authorization is prohibited, so 1movieshd was shut down due to copyright violation.

3. Is 1movieshd safe?

The 1movieshd website initially appears to be secure, but as you use it, you will notice that it has pop-ups and floating advertisements, both of which could contain dangerous links. So it is not safe to use this site.

4. What is the best VPN to stream on 1movieshd?

Your choice can be made quite easily because NordVPN OR ExpressVPN can unblock practically all of the major TV streaming services.

5. What are the best alternatives to 1movieshd?     

Some of the best alternatives to 1movieshd include HiMovies, XMovies8, 0123movies, Einthusan, and Vumoo.

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