21 MoviesJoy Alternatives to Watch Movies Online in 2024

Are you unable to access MoviesJoy? Is your online entertainment experience getting hindered because you can’t find the perfect streaming platform? Don’t worry. We bring you the perfect MoviesJoy alternatives

What is MoviesJoy?

MoviesJoy Plus was a popular online movie streaming platform. Unlike other well-known streaming services, it doesn’t mandate users to sign up before watching movies online. The movies are categorized into various genres, including drama, horror, romance, family, thriller, mystery, action, etc. 

All videos have excellent video quality and subtitles in multiple languages. Most people use it for viewing content in English, but you can also view classics and excellent releases in Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc. 

Is MoviesJoy Down or Still Working in 2024?

MoviesJoy is not accessible everywhere. In fact, it closed operations in 2021 on account of copyright violations and other legal concerns surrounding online streaming services. But it has also switched among many domains since then.

If you visit the original website, it will redirect you to another domain. The domains currently working for MoviesJoy include:


Best Alternatives to MoviesJoy – 100% Working {2024 Updated}

1. Putlocker


Putlocker is an all-rounder Moviesjoy alternative with a free and premium version. Its content is organized in different ways, having tabs for the most popular titles, the latest additions, genres, and an alphabetical order searching guide. 

The free version has ads, so if you don’t want to pay to watch movies and TV shows, you will have to deal with the ads. The site’s user interface is the best. Each listing shows the plot and IMDb rating. 

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2. Vumoo


Vumoo is a popular movie and TV series streaming alternative to Moviesjoy with an easy-to-use layout. It doesn’t require your personal information, which means you don’t need to give your name, email address, contact, or credit card details. The library features high-definition titles from different countries. 

The platform’s intuitive search capabilities allow you to explore the most-loved genres and stream content with subtitles in English or any other language. You can use Vumoo on mobile devices, as the site supports all browsers and major operating systems. 

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3. Vmovee


Vmovee is different from other online streaming websites because it has an extensive library with more than 20,000 titles. This library is curated to include everything from classic films to the latest releases. 

On the website, you can find content easily because it is segregated into genres. Moreover, the Vmovee team is active and adds fresh content to the platform almost every week. The videos are in full HD resolution with no annoying popup ads to disturb your streaming experience. 

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4. Crackle


Crackle is one of the best sites like Moviesjoy with titles from all genres, like crime, horror, action, sci-fi, comedy, and documentary. You can access the website on all streaming devices like mobile phones, tablets, web browsers, and smart TVs. 

The prime benefit of Crackle is that it is legal and offers high-quality and free streaming of movies, TV shows, and other video content. However, the platform supports ads. This means that your favorite programs will have interruptions by commercials while streaming. 

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5. Fzmovies


Fzmovies is a well-known free movie streaming and downloading website like Moviesjoy. It does not charge a single penny from users and offers access to a vast collection of movies in various genres and languages. The videos are available in different formats and resolutions, allowing you to enjoy the media regardless of your internet connection speed. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface lets you find movies by language, genre, release year, and the movie’s name. It provides details for the movie’s cast, synopsis, and rating. 

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6. HiMovies


HiMovies is an ideal substitute to Moviesjoy which offers convenient streaming services to users. It features a gigantic selection, comprising everything from the classics to recent releases. The collection is organized by year or genre to make it easier for you to find what you need. 

On the homepage, registered members can see original content separately. The foreign movies come with subtitles. Using the sleek and intuitive user interface, you can browse through the content library in a breeze. The team continuously updates the content library to give you the best. 

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7. Cinebloom


Cinebloom is a relatively new video streaming website similar to Moviesjoy. It lets you watch movies and TV shows for free using your computer, smartphone, or any other device. The platform offers good sound quality and an easy navigation system. 

Cinebloom uses a program to download content from torrents. Thus, before you watch a movie or TV show, install an ad blocker on your preferred browser. This will ensure that there are no ads or popups during playback. 

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8. BFlix


BFlix is an emerging alternative to Moviesjoy with multi-language subtitle options for its movies and TV shows. The library is regularly updated with new movies and episodes to ensure that you never miss the most popular movies or the latest episodes of your favourite shows. 

Additionally, BFlix allows you to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing. Using this feature, you can watch movies and TV shows at your convenience while travelling or when you are in places with limited internet access. 

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9. Ifvod


IFvod TV is a leading Moviesjoy alternative offering your favourite television programs and shows for free. It has revolutionized media and television for the Chinese population. You can watch news, sports, TV shows, and movies at any time of the day by pressing a few buttons.

The app has gained immense popularity because of its user-friendly interface and excellent features. It allows you to watch and rewatch your most loved Chinese TV shows, like Fighter of The Destiny, The Flower Journey, and Eternal Love, with all of the episodes. 

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10. LosMovies


Another MoviesJoy alternative that you can use to watch your choice of movies and TV shows online is LosMovies. Its intuitive design and convenient organization by year or genre give it a competitive edge. The library comprises a vast range of movies, from evergreen classics to the latest hits. Using the straightforward navigation, you can find titles quickly. 

While LosMovies provides limited access, it is loved by movie fanatics for its attractive collection of titles available in full HD resolution and at zero charge. 

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11. SolarMovie


SolarMovie is a dominant site similar to Moviesjoy that has a simple layout, making it easier for users to find and access content. The homepage offers trending content, IMDb’s top-rated movies, etc. Besides, its top menu lets you explore movies based on genre, release time, and country. 

The library features content updated frequently. It also provides multiple subtitle options for international titles. Every video is uploaded in high quality. You can see the trailer, cast, duration, plot, genre, and other details when you click on a title. 

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12. Goojara


Goojara is another excellent MoviesJoy alternative. It hosts a comprehensive selection of new movies and TV series, with some exclusive titles accessible to registered users only. You can stream over 1,000 movies and TV shows free of cost in full HD cinema audio and video quality. 

Goojara provides a next-level experience with its good quality resolution and subtitles support. However, the ads can cause disruptions in the viewing process, which is a disappointment for many. 

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13. WatchSeries


WatchSeries is an outstanding site like Moviesjoy which lets users enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows online. It does not host the content on its platform but provides links from third-party hosting providers. You can stream HD videos on your desktop browser or mobile for free, which makes it a go-to site for freeloaders. 

A downside to the platform is frequent ads, which can be intrusive for users. However, movie fans don’t mind dealing with popups because they can watch content for free. 

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14. sWatchSeries


sWatchSeries is one of the prime websites like Moviesjoy to discover your favourite movies and TV shows. It lets you watch all the content for free without registration. The user interface keeps in mind the current trends, with all displays set dynamically. 

You can visit the website to search for the latest movies, trailers, ratings, reviews, posters, and other details. The library is constantly updated, so you are sure to find the latest releases and the newest episodes of trending shows. 

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15. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a superior alternative to Moviesjoy which allows you to watch an expansive collection of movies and TV shows. Its features are similar to MoviesJoy. There are over 1,000 movies and TV shows available on demand. Moreover, there are 250 live TV channels, which you can access for free on your preferred choice of device. 

Your video content may be interrupted by some ads, but most movie fans are willing to deal with this because they don’t need to pay a penny. You also don’t need to sign up. 

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16. 123series


123series is an extraordinary site like Moviesjoy to stream the latest TV shows, English movies, and web series for free. There are no disturbances by ads or popups while streaming movies or series. The videos are high quality, and you can watch content in many languages.

Many movie enthusiasts trust and love 123series because it does not display ads or explicit content. This feature makes it safe for children. Users can access everything without paying a dollar, with high-speed internet being the only requirement. 

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17. ProjectFreeTV


ProjectFreeTV is a popular online streaming platform that enables users to watch movies and TV shows for free. It has no complicated menus, annoying ads, or hidden settings, making it the preference of most movie lovers. 

The platform’s library is extensive, spanning across genres like action, comedy, drama, sci-fi, crime, and more. Such a vast variety ensures that users of all age groups and interests can find content to suit their preferences. The site is regularly updated with the latest episodes of TV shows. 

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18. LetMeWatchThis


LetMeWatchThis is a great MoviesJoy alternative for streaming movies and TV shows in HD quality. It is visited by millions of users to satisfy their entertainment needs. Apart from watching content online, the website allows you to download your favourite movies and TV series to watch on the go. 

The most enticing feature of LetMeWatchThis is its zero-cost access. Users don’t need to pay any registration or subscription fee to start streaming content. LetMeWatchThis was earlier known as PrimeWire. 

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19. YesMovies


YesMovies is one of the unbeatable alternatives to Moviesjoy, with a collection of movies and TV shows available for free viewing. You can switch to the HD resolution depending on your device. Founded in 2017, the platform’s popularity has continued to rise. 

The library has hundreds of genres, classifying movies and TV shows into comedy, romance, action, horror, thriller, drama, etc. The download feature enables you to watch movies at your convenience without any buffering. 

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20. Einthusan


Einthusan is Asia’s number-one movie hub. It is well-known for South Asian full-length feature films in on-demand superior HD. You can find content in Tamil, Telugu, and many other Indian languages. The library is a collection of Hollywood movies, Kollywood films, Tamil dubbed films, web series, and TV shows. 

The website’s source of revenue is popups and banner advertisements. Thus, you will have to ignore the annoyance they cause to continue enjoying your choice of content. The audio quality of dubbed movies is impressive. 

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21. O2TVSeries


O2TVSeries is a free Moviesjoy alternative offering movies and TV shows. It is similar to MoviesJoy. You can use the sort feature on the website to find the TV series you desire to watch. The content is organized alphabetically or by genres like adventure, action, crime, comedy, drama, romance, etc. 

What sets O2TVSeries apart from its competitors is that the popups aren’t littered all over the place, as is the case with sites like FzMovies and Fztvseries. 

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Many movie streaming websites are slowly leaving the internet. MoviesJoy is no exception. Even if you are accessing its proxy domains, there are chances that they don’t have everything you want. The aforementioned alternatives to Moviesjoy can ensure you have the absolute best experience possible. 

Our Top 5 Picks for MoviesJoy Alternatives

Here’s a summary of the best MoviesJoy alternatives:

  1. Vumoo: Watch true HD-quality content with no registration and no ads.
  2. SolarMovie: Stream HD quality movies and TV shows without sign-up or ads. 
  3. HiMovies: Discover a vast library of cinematic classics with a wide range of content.
  4. Ifvod: Make the most of an easy-to-use interface to find and watch movies and shows.
  5. Crackle: Watch uncut and unedited Hollywood movies on all streaming devices. 

MoviesJoy – FAQs

1. What happened to MoviesJoy?

MoviesJoy was not a legal website. As a result, it had to shut down its operations in 2021 due to copyright violations and other legal concerns surrounding online streaming services.

2. Is MoviesJoy legal?

Unfortunately, no. MoviesJoy did not own the content it hosted, and thus, its services and content violated copyright laws. The streaming platform faced severe legal battles.

3. Is MoviesJoy safe?

Most users don’t consider MoviesJoy as a safe or secure platform. It is known to have malware and other security risks. It is also known to track its users. 

4. What is the best VPN to stream on MoviesJoy?

NordVPN and ExpressVPN are the most recommended VPNs to securely stream content on MoviesJoy and other streaming platforms. They offer strong data encryption and reliable connection speeds.  

5. What are the best alternatives to MoviesJoy?

There are plenty of alternatives to MoviesJoy. The most loved names include Ifvod, Vumoo, SolarMovie, Goojara, BFlix, WatchSeries, Vmovee, Crackle, ProjectFreeTV, and Putlocker. They, too, offer a vast library of movies and TV shows.

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